Individual Lessons

Feldenkrais private sessions are known as Functional Integration lessons, or sometimes just F.I.

These lessons are based on instructor guidance, with most communication occurring through non-invasive touch. The atmosphere is designed to be calm, safe, and meditative, to allow greater focus on listening to the body’s cues, and adjusting for the greatest benefit possible.

In a Functional Integration lesson, we will explore how you currently organise your body and actions. I would suggest (through guiding the position of your hand, arms or neck for example,) expanded possibilities for new movement patterns which are more comfortable, efficient, and useful. Altering unhealthy movements into healthy ones may also eliminate pain and damage caused by habitual movement.

Functional Integration lessons are flexible in their approach, and determined by your individual needs, rather than a set program or schedule. Sometimes it is beneficial to use tools such as a specially-designed table, or other props to support your comfort and allow you to focus on healthy movement.

© Jonathan Thrift 2011. Image used by permission of the Feldenkrais Guild UK.